Sunday, October 10, 2010

Figs: Part Six ~ A Neighbor's Fig Tree ~

My oven is still broken.

Right after making the newtons, I geared myself up to make some fig macarons for my last fig post.  I measured the cookie ingredients and made the fig buttercream filling by mixing some leftover homemade fig puree/jam (from the fig newtons) with a standard swiss buttercream.  I was all set to go when I woke up the next morning to find that my oven wouldn't get hot.  

It's one thing to take a cookie sheet of already made newtons to a friend's house to stick it in her oven.  It's quite another to make macaron batter, pipe it out, let it sit, bake it in multiple batches, then let it cool.

It's been a week now and after two visits by the building handyman, it still hasn't been fixed.


Since I have other things to post, I leave my fig friends behind with some pictures of a neighbor's fig tree.  I only just noticed its existence a couple weeks ago even though I've been jogging by it for the past year and a half...

But it's pretty neat to see how they actually grow. 

Bye bye Mr. Fig.  See you again soon.

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