Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mango: Part Four ~ Mango Mousse Cake ~

This is actually from back in August when I made them for my dad’s birthday dinner, but I had to share since I'm so proud of them! On his birthday, my mom and grandparents were also in town to help my sister move up north, so we all got together at my place to celebrate with some of Obachan’s (grandma's) home cooking and desserts by their favorite pastry chef--me.  At least I tell myself that.

Since it was still summer, I though I’d go with something refreshing. And since I wanted to impress them, I thought I’d be overly ambitious and attempt a recipe by Toshi Yoroizuka, the same chef that created my failed fig mousse cake, although to no fault of his own. I reiterate that his recipe was delicious. I’m the one that made a mistake somewhere so the mousse didn’t set, except I can’t remember where I went wrong.  I still ended up with a great fig frozen mousse ice cream thing though. Yeah...

Anyway, so this is what it's supposed to look like: Yoroizuka's Mango Banana Mousse Cake.

And here's the recipe in Japanese.

If you can read or decipher French, here's the handwritten recipe.

The top layer is a mango mousse.  The middle one is a banana mousse with a hint of pineapple, filled with pineapple chunks.  The bottom is a coconut dacquoise, the first dacquoise I’ve ever made. Everything came out well.  You could really taste all the individual fruit flavors, and the texture of the coconut in the dacquoise just brought everything together.  Nothing was too sweet, and it was perfectly delicate in that Japanese-French way.  

I don't have hundreds of molds so mine ended up being circles instead of that fancy square layer thing Yoroizuka does.  One day.

I made the full recipe this time, which means I ended up with a lot of leftover mousse and cake. I made a mental note to only make a half recipe the next time. But as I found out with the fig mousse, I really only need to do a third or a fourth of his recipes. Now I just need to figure out which one of his 175+ recipes he has up online that I want to attempt...


  1. Looking at the pictures on your blog makes me sad we're thousands of miles apart. Not necessarily because I miss you, but because I want to eat the things you bake.

  2. Thanks for replying to my comment. I would totally love this recipe and the mango putting one too! I just got back from hong kong where they had this dessert which was mango putting w/ mango shaved ice on top all sitting in mango juice with chunks of juicy mangos! it was delish. your recipes remind me of it.

  3. wonderful pictures! : )
    thank you for such a nice comment on my blog! unfortunately i have a touch screen phone and my fingers are too fat so instead of pressing on the publish comment button, i pressed the delete button -_-; i am so, so sorry. anyways, nice to meet you!

  4. do you have a recipe to share how you made them? thanks. They look so beautiful.

  5. How can I get this recipe