Monday, October 4, 2010

Figs: Part Two ~ Fig Mousse Cake and Toshi Yoroizuka ~

This turned out to be one of the biggest disasters I’ve made in a long time. Tasted great, but the mousse DIDN’T SET! I went back and compared the recipe to other similar ones and it looks like I used enough gelatine but clearly not...I must have measured something incorrectly. After I froze and unmolded them, they slowly melted, like ice cream. Argh.

The recipe I attemped was from Toshi Yoroizuka, a famous pastry chef in Japan. He’s known as being the only Japanese person to have ever worked in a 3 star restaurant in Belgium. Whatever that really means. Regardless, his boutiques in Japan have hour long waits daily, and it’s pretty much impossible to get a seat inside the salon where he makes plated desserts in full view behind a counter. This was the second recipe of his that I attempted.

The plan was to make something that looked like this:

Granted I don’t have molds like his but below is how mine ended up. Unfortunately, with the melting going on, I only completed one of the cakes. I gave up on the other ones. I made them into tartlets instead. Fail.

In case you’re curious, the English translation of the recipe is below. Here’s the link to the original in Japanese:

I halved everything since one thing I learned from that first recipe I attempted was that his recipes yield a LOT. I really should’ve just made a third of the recipe. I could probably even get away with making just a fourth since I only have eight molds of everything anyway, but first things first. I need to succeed at making the mousse set...bah.

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